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Petros Saridakis An important new artist of remarkable forms is to highlight contemporary Greek music scene comes to going and take off through imaginative musical references traditional Cretan listening to timbre today. Through Peter Saridakis and his skill in instrument and voice travels the Cretan music beyond its traditional boundaries and becomes part of our everyday urban deservedly claiming a place in the new and innovative musical listening. Petros Saridakis born in Heraklion of Crete. He graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with studies in business administration with specialization in marketing and additionally has superior musical studies in classical guitar. From very small "christened" music font Cretan Music and contact with the Cretan lyre is life relationship through which he expresses every emotion. It is since 1999 a teacher Cretan lyra in Cretan many clubs and associations of Attica. In the field of discography is presented in 2004 with the first personal cd entitled "Color of diktamous", and participated as a soloist in a remarkable work. In 2007 in cooperation with one of the most important laoutistes of Crete, the Markogiannaki Vangelis released his album called'' one of my old dream''. And in 2010 released the album "from the root to the top" in composition, interpretation and orchestrated by him. A new release of Protasis Music A new proposal on the quality and timelessness.


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