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The decisive role in the album is played by the participating musicians who are not limited to the performance but co-form each piece, each in its own unique way. They play: Alexis Alevizakis: Cretan Lute & Steriano, Mandolin Elias Zoutsos: Lyre (comm. Trail, Rider, Cedar, Dini) George Alevizakis: Classical Guitar (com. The Secret, Epilogue) Harris Panagiotakis: Lyra (comm. Ximeroma, Drygias, Dance) Manolis Manousakis: Cretan Lute (comm. Ximeroma, Dance) Panos Katsikiotis Tsiko: Percussion // Production: Alexis Alevizakis Orchestration: Alexis Alevizakis (strings) & Tsiko (percussion)

Recording: Giannis Zoumis (ZrecSoundLab) & Ekelon (The Cave Studio)

Mixing & Mastering: Ekelon (The Cave Studio)

Artwork: Kyriaki Angelidaki, Alexis Alevizakis

Photos: Kyriaki Angelidaki (cover & landscape), Tasos Michaloglou (Alexis)

Graphic Design: Thanasis Petrou Brief

Alexis Alevizakis was born and raised in Zaros, Heraklion, Crete. He has been involved in Cretan Music since he was a child, learning first a mandolin and then a lute. Growing up he took lessons from popular folk musicians of Crete and beyond. He has participated in numerous music events both in Crete and in Athens where he lived for a long time, while he has collaborated with many musicians both inside and outside Crete. He has also participated in several recordings as a performer and in the editing of musical themes for theatrical performances. Today, through its main instrument, the lute deals in depth with the study of Cretan Music, while at the same time, based on its musical influences, it composes melodies that do not fit strictly into the context of traditional music.


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