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In the hope of expressing myself exactly as I feel like….

In the winter of 2009 I felt I needed to capture a part, a token of my reflections on music, in particular five purely instrumental versions, which emerged from “experimentation moments” on the mandolin. So, I started to work on two of my musical creations along with adapting common forms of the music I have been experiencing so far. From the beginning there was a divergence from the “ordinary” usage of the mandolin as well as in the rendition of the songs and music I was familiar with. This new approach concerning the melodies and the mandolin itself resulted, on impulse, in the creation of the title: “Iäéütropo” (meaning sui generis). In fact, that is why I chose this written form.

The recording was realized with the invaluable contribution of four fellow musicians and friends. We all shared the will to collaborate and so we did! All compositions are mainly for mandolin, whose sound  is embraced and accompanied by a simple, plain combination of other instruments.

These compositions are an attempt to illustrate a specific period of my life desiring to “speak” and say a lot, without words, though..This is the most beautiful feeling I got through this musical route.

“Iäéütropo” was first released in 2012 by the record company “Antart Production” of Nikos and Thodoris Mermigas, two people that entrusted me and took care of my “brain child” with much love and I owe them, at least, a huge thank. Ten years later, Iäéütropo comes back to my home place in a new warm embrace. It is reissued by “Aerakis- Musical Cretan Workshop & Seistron”, the most significant record company of my home land and this fills me with great joy and honor.

I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart my fellow musicians: Antonis Voumvoulakis, Kostas Kalatzis, Nikos Mastorakis, Yiannis Playianakos, as well as Yiannis Zoumis, our sound mixer. This cd you are holding was recorded and completed in his studio. Also a huge thanks to Froso Kalogeropoulou for her wonderful painting done exclusively to adorn “Iäéütropo”.

Many thanks, also, to my dear friend Aria Daskalaki for my personal photo shooting. And lastly, a sincere thanks to Andreas Aerakis and his family for their effective and essential support to me with the reissue of my cd.

Michalis Kontaxakis


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