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Dimitris Neonakis was born in Athens in 1981 . At age 15 he began his involvement with the guitar . Taught theory and guitar by Aki Tourkogiorgis and Maki Ablianitis . Based on the traditional blues, the rock and the jazz, the preoccupation with the guitar is mainly in the area of improvisation . The 2009 ships with the Outward bound the CD "Outward bound" by Triple bath and 2011 following the second CD entitled "The path" from Slam productions. Along with the guitar and western music , discusses the recent years with the traditional music of Crete and gets lessons Cretan lute by John Xylouri . In 2011 released by Music Productions Notias the first album titled " Stone " . Working as a musician playing electric guitar and teaching . The stone began recording in early 2009 and was completed in the summer of 2010 in studio " Ichotropio " the contribution of the great musicians that are on the CD. Nicholas Christopoulos (cajon, bendir), George Tzortzakis ( pitcher , bendir), Zacharias Spyridakis ( lyre ) , Iakovos Paterakis ( lyre ) , Nikos Koulouris (clarinet , ney ) , Michael Boutsakis (saz) and John Iliakis (painting and design of CD ) . To stone is the recording of a musical journey of the last ten years and an attempt to balance between two worlds . In the world of contemporary jazz and traditional folk music of Crete . 


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