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Three (3) CDs with 51 traditional songs, as recorded, in Byzantine notation, by the father of Cretan Folklore, Pavlos Vlastos, about 150 years ago. A 62-minute DVD film, through which the director Giannis Lambrou, illuminates the life and work of Pavlos Vlastos but also the attempt of Dimitris Sgouros to bring to light these recordings Kontylies, slides from Chania, shootings by Pentozalis, Sousta, Backgammon, love, heroic, historical, wedding, carols, lullabies, satire and various purposes, compose a musical table, which highlights in the best way the variety, richness and beauty of our musical heritage. After five (5) years of study and creative activity, Dimitris Sgouros, selects from the multitude of recordings of Vlastos and performs with knowledge, skill and authenticity, songs that, while coming from so old, still remain so fresh, alive and loudly. This is a musical work that contributes decisively to the musical history of Crete! A work "historic", since it is the oldest that has been heard so far in Crete and expands our knowledge far ahead of the first recordings of "Protomasters" in America, traveling us to the middle of the 19th century! In this difficult endeavor, Dimitris Sgouros had the support and help of highly appreciated artists and musicians. All his associates bowed with respect and selflessness at work and contributed creatively to the result! Companions of Dim. Curly on this musical journey is: In the song: Psarantonis, Giannis Papatzanis, Maria Fasoulaki, Dimitris Sideris, Athena Lampiri. In the orchestra: Dimitris Sideris lute (Cretan-mainland), mandola Stelios Sykakis lute (Cretan-mainland), lafta, Bulgarian Nikos Katritzidakis ampoules, bansouri, flute Giannis Papatzanis daouli, pitcher stamna


CD 1

1. Listen to my friends and mine

2. You are in pain, I am in pain too

3. Song of Susa

4. The shapely shepherdess

5. Papa-North

6. I'm bored to love you

7. Twelve year old girl

8. Down in Rhodes

9. You wither from it

10. The complaint of the bird Psarantonis

11. The men are the prominent Psarantonis

12. You hear he was ordering

13. Mandarin from Chania

14. We got the partridge

15. Pentozalis


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