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The bells of Lefteris

No one knows the sound of a bell better than a shepherd. Seisarcha, a small settlement that extends to an altitude of 700 meters on the northern slope of Psiloritis, is inhabited by shepherds. A young shepherd, Lefteris Mavrokostas, who grew up in the mountains, knows how to distinguish the sounds of the forest, the birds of the air and the bells. And when he's done with the sheep, he stalls a small workshop and makes handmade bells. Bells small, big, smaller, bigger, of various sizes whose sounds can compose a music concert ... It is a unique sound and we encourage him for this skill.

Features: The bells are all handmade and their material is brass

No1 -> 5,5cm

No2 -> 7cm

No3 -> 9cm

No4 -> 10,5cm

No5 -> 14,5cm


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