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Woolen woven " bag" indispensable to the daily life of the Cretans , the burgs or vourgialaki is typical bag for many different uses. Formerly the warriors used to put in Hamburg gunpowder and their bullets , while in recent years the farmers used them to put their food and flask with wine or water. The best "Vourgia" , with a silk scarf , was the first gift to the groom when engagements were taking place in taking place in Crete. Now, "Vourgia" is used at weddings to put into the " gifts " that bring the guests to the couple and as a souvenir to the visitors of our island. "Vourgia" that is available in our store is "mini " and is ideal for use in weddings or baptisms or with traditional character as a bag of sugar-coated .

Dimension: 11x11 cm


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