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Served cool up to +10 ° C. For those who really tolerate the very low temperatures, it is frosted in a unique perfume and body experience at -10 ° C.

In the winter, for homemade raccola, heat it for 8-10 minutes up to 45 C, add 50 gr of thyme honey to pomegranate per 250 ml of tannin, pineapple, little carnation and cinnamon.

• For summer
Served chilled, below 10° C. For those who really
withstand very low temperatures, serve below -10° C and
discover a unique fragrance experience.

• For winter
Homemade Rakomelo liquor (Tsikoudia with Honey).
Warm for 8-10 minutes to 45°C, add 50gr honey per
250ml Arodama Tsikoudia, clove and cinnamon.

• Cretan Product
• 100% natural product without preservatives or additives
• Premium quality
• Awarded
• Traditional Cretan spirit with intense fragrance and
• Produced from selected grape varieties of Romeiko,
Muscat Spina’s and Vilana
• Top quality transparent flask shaped bottle
• Silk printed label on the body of the bottle
• Natural coloured, wooden cap with pyrography
• Safety thermo-capsule on the bottle-neck.


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