Ebony wood rosary (31 beads)

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Handmade ebony rosary in round beads. It consists of 31 + 1 beads and a pope, tied with a high-strength cord and metal elements of exceptional quality. Further information: Ebony is a relatively expensive African wood, whose tree is found in southern India, Sri Lanka and Africa. The ebony is one of the most durable woods and is one of the few that due to its gravity and variety sinks in the water. The heart of the trunk gives us the natural black color, while approaching the outer bark, it acquires lighter shades, for This is why we find rosaries in two-tone ebony. It is a warm material with an ideal weight and a very charming sound when the beads collide with each other. * Beads from natural materials may vary in color, size or weight. * Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity


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