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The photographer Giorgos Mazonakis : Creates the first color photographic album in collaboration with Editions Mystis transferring the visual experiences of the continuous journey to the island of Crete , with its own panoramic look . "There are many wonderful places in Greece , which is worth visiting . As there are others that do not have something special to show their love but because it's our hometown and it is known that the man tied to the land that gave him birth . Crete , however , is of those places you'd like .. be dreaming .. be your home country .. " Stephen Psimmenos , Explorer - Editor of " Unexplored Crete "" The photographic journey into the landscape of Crete is a unique experience as the place with his people. Landscape unpredictable constantly changing , different at every turn of the road with endless peaks following fertile plateaus , unknown archaeological sites and forgotten villages , countless caves and gorges deep charakonoun her body and before (c ) invite you to discover giving you any once the illusion that you are the man who he saw and marched for the first time, " Christopher Chiladakis , Explorer - Columnist in " Cretan Panorama "


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