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The fascinating novel by Nikos Kazantzakis, which was based on the sensational film by Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ, in an annotated version. Previous versions of The Last Temptation in Greek-and no one knows exactly how many eginan- contained only the text of the author. In 20th reprint (January 2008) of the project such as this, based on the first edition in 1955, xanastoicheiothetithike and printed in 1984, we added Addendum to Information Note of the Publisher-Editor Dr. Patroklos Stavrou and Annex with quotes from the official journal of the Forum of the House, of the discussions in 1955 in the Greek Parliament on Nikos Kazantzakis fOLLOWING tHE flagrant of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece against him. Provide information on the indication of the book list of Prohibited Books Vatican (Index) and for him Kazantzakis persecution in Greece of Church and State, and illuminate the human, writing, publishing and socio-political adventure of issue masterpiece.

"From the unforgettable author of Zorba, a magnificent novel with deep emotional impact, which tells the love and passion of a man: Jesus of Nazareth. The son of a carpenter, man Jesus would want to love a woman and to have a family, but the voice of God resounds explosives in his soul, the arm with a force greater than a thousand armies, impose sacrifices and martyrdoms. The internal conflict of man, the struggle between flesh and spirit, instinct of rebellion and the irresistible desire to be united with God, emerge here in a narrative mural glorifying the supreme sacrifice of Christ. On the cross, dying anymore, Jesus has a vision: how would his life if he had not followed the call of God. It is indeed the last temptation, the temptation that Christ rejects dying for the entire human race.

"Nikos Kazantzakis, who was born in 1883 in Crete, considered one of the greatest writers of our time. He died in Germany in 1957. "

(On the Italian version Nikos Kazantzakis, L 'Ultima Tentazione,
Euroclub, Edizioni Frassinelli, Bergamo 1989.



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