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"A village rough, the color of ash, swarthy houses under the merciless sun of the Mediterranean islands, residents burnt by misery and passions. Today, the dominant passion is hate. A political hatred killer, throwing his brother against brother. And in front of this storm of iniquities, an elderly man stands, desperate, because his voice is "voice crying in the wilderness." For Father Yiannaros this horror wave can only mean the very inability of the priesthood: the devil rules the world. Or the devil or Lenin. Because for the teacher, which rises with enthusiasm by the new ideas, the struggle is meaningless. Seriously ill, almost dying, holding his soul with all his strength, he wants to catch up to see the arrival of Liberty.

"This dying Kazantzakis novel is, among all the works, the closest to our world, torn by fratricidal battles."

 (From the French version Nikos Kazantzaki, Les frères enemis, Plon, Paris 1978.)


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