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It is the fictionalized autobiography of Nikos Kazantzakis, which death did not allow him to accomplish. Facts and legends, experiences and hopes, dreams and disappointments, visions and chimeras, ideas, inspirations and projects, travel physically and spiritually, the country and the world, ancestors and contemporaries, the model of "things to come man" emerge from this pages intellectual reference Nikos Kazantzakis felt the need to address the great Cretan 'grandfather' of: the El Greco, El Greco.

In the new version of Report to Greco (April 2009), a reprint of the novel as a monotype was documented in 1982 in Nicosia, first Kazantzakis text accompanied by Addendum, with Information Note Issuer-Editor with images.
"" You will find, then, the reader, in this circumstance pages the red line, mellowed my blood drops, which marks my way among the people, passions and ideas. ... Four stood t 'decisive steps in my climb, and each brings a sacred name: Christ, Buddha, Lenin, Odysseus. This my aimateri course from one of those great souls to the next, now that the sun reigns, machoumai My Travelogue this circumstance to mark ... "
"Something more and better than autobiography, the Report to Greco then is the story of a domestic itinerary, below the Greco sign, because this painter of Cretan origin, left us creatures that are run by flame, which is none other than flame. It is also the will of Kazantzakis, the ultimate task, explaining the genesis of major projects of -mythistorimaton, theater, and above all of Odyseias- and, precisely, philosophical, moral or religious significance. Moreover, it becomes our understanding of the way in which Kazantzakis used some adventures of which he was the perpetrator or witness, as well as some of the readings. All year give the measure of this great project that is both literary and documentary spiritual confession of one of the greatest writers who ever gave birth to Greece. "

(From the French version Nikos Kazantzaki, Lettre Au Greco, Bilan d'une Vie, Plon, Paris 1961.)


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