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I am not a preacher to describe the lush life of the uplifting society. Not even the memories of the destroyers of life. Whatever I think I am. For what we live, for what we and our friends represent, the black birds of misery, I write.

As I understand them and depending on my poor powers. I do not like lines and directions. I play my toys with light, over time in our place. I'm not a professional or a cold performer. My fun is doing. Nor do I want to reproduce popular superstitions and beliefs from the grandmother's fireplace. I do not want the reader to waste his time on tradition. I am looking for the beauty of the old age, but the gifts it offers to the new, without any ideas. I like the lifestyle I have chosen and I try to express it. I condemn what suits our life and soul. But, above all, I am myself, the visible and the invisible, but also the strict judge of my own self. I say "The Heart of the World is the Heart, the New Blood Wants!"


My texts and my quotes are not works on the shelves of industry. On the backs I carry sins of my life. I'm a slogan who talks about ideas. It is my cry and my whisper. Everyday I crash with my invisible self to remain new and sinister. Lover of life and art.


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