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The chivalrous epic of Vitsentzos Kornaros considered one of the masterpieces of Renaissance Europe-wide for the first time released a graphic novel from Editions Polaris.

The George Gousis (draft) and Demosthenes Papamarkos and Yiannis Ragos (scenario) turned the classic this verse novel of the 17th century in a Greek Fantasy, coexist unfulfilled love and strong bonds of friendship, political alliances and violent battles, honor codes and feminist "motives" to the element of magic to play a catalytic role.

The George Gousis select movie footage and with Panayiotis Pantazis (worked in color) choose colors pop while creating modern fairy images. At the same time, as the story of Erotokritos-although typically develops in ancient Athens- uses elements from various historical eras and different cultures (classical antiquity, Byzantine, Renaissance, Venetian, etc.), the illustration composes a world that does not correspond to any this historical fact, but draws from elements of Greek art of all periods, in the same way the language of Cornaros draws from all the Greek linguistic tradition.

Dialogues adopted a frugal and smooth Modern Greek reason, with absolute respect for the original text of Cornaros. In narrative includes original extracts (fifteen rhyming verses in the Cretan dialect) with minimal adjustments, as a deliberate "connection" with the idiom of this flagship project.


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