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Paris Perisinakis created a new essay, through years of experience as a musician, composer, performer, teacher and recorder of Cretan music.

The new essay, "Music of Crete", is a "primer" of Cretan music, where the author tries to present us with the familiar simplicity and modesty that characterizes him, a large part of the most important songs landmark musical tradition Crete as it is recorded within the discography of the 20th century.

In the 337 pages of the manual are:
- 19 Tunes and songs (Tampachaniotika or Amanedes)
- 12 Songs of marriage,
- 33 Dances (Local and Pancretan)
- 60 Kontylies,
- 150 Syrta
from all corners of Crete in characteristic historical executions by Charilaos Piperakis, Manolis Lagos, George and Stelios Koutsourelis, Kostas Papadakis(Naftis), Andreas Rodinos, Dermitzogiannis, Kostas Papadakis or Lyratzaki, Thanasis Skordalos, Kostas Mountakis, Xylouris Nikos, Leonidas Klados, Spyros Sifogiorgakis, Pantelis Stavroulakis and many other leading exponents of Cretan tradition in each and every instruments naturalized as Cretan traditional.
The records give the songs "simple and clear", with readable writing, filtered through the knowledge, talent, teaching experience, skill and analytical thinking of Perisinakis, making this collection a valuable tool for any scholar, student, music or simple reader of Cretan music.

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