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Trying to learn how to produce sound on a traditional flute is a complex issue with several parameters. The purpose of the book is to capture in the most detailed, simple and understandable way possible the process by which a performer will be able to produce a clear and bright sound. At the same time, there is a review of the history of the instrument, the different types of courtyards in Greece and their use in everyday life, while special reference is made to the contribution of Aristides Vasilaris, the leading, admittedly, traditional flute performer. Through a list of photographic material, music pieces, in simple and complex form, and audio examples, one can discover the basic elements of the instrument's interpretation, as well as learn more about the use of varieties in Greek traditional music. (From the presentation on the back of the book) CONTENTS: Thanks Introduction RECORD Flute (The myth of Marsyas) ... by Sylvia Koutrouli The types of yards in modern Greece Flute Σουραύλι Kavali Jamara Mantura The use of yards Aristides Vassilaris HOW TO PRODUCE SOUND Flute without mouthpiece How to produce audio Posture and breathing Position of the lips - Molecules of traditional music Flute rings VARIETIES OF TRADITIONAL LIFE Varieties of traditional music Mordento Trilogy (Flying) Groupe (Turn) Glissado (Sliding) Shading Pieces Your mother (Tsakoniko) This summer (Tsamiko) Contoula lemon (Slide in three) See the retailers (Zonaradiko) Argetiko (Kalamatiano) Bibliography Biography of Spyros Marini


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