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The 2nd edition of the book improved with additional material A new innovative method of teaching music theory that makes learning a game! Dora, Rena, Mimika, Fani, Soledar, Lara, and Sissy are seven ladies who live in the music world, work and have various daily activities. With them, the student will tour their shops and offices, get to know the tower where they live, visit their farm, have the opportunity to trade with the bank and use their money, while learning the meanings of the stamps , the measure, the pauses, the moment of duration, the repetitions and many others, in a particularly clever way that combines theory with practice. Proceeding to the key of the FA, he will discover both the gentlemen of the music state, and the famous Mr. Faflatas, while at the end he will be awarded the title of honorary citizen, if he answers all the questions correctly. It is aimed at children aged 4 and over and can prove to be a valuable tool in the hands of a kindergarten teacher, music educator, music teacher and a parent who wants to introduce his child to the wonderful world of music. The notes are depicted in the form of a doll and the child through a variety of clever activities plays and learns with them pleasant concepts and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat otherwise would be difficult to understand. In addition, an innovative material that contributes to the learning of the concepts of the book is the electronic board musical game, which is provided free of charge along with the purchase of the book, with which the student will have the opportunity to evaluate the knowledge gained. The desktop is sent as an electronic file with all the instructions and then you print it on paper of your choice.


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