The Old Anogia - Lifestyle and Struggles against Ottoman rule

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The book "THE OLD ANOGEIANS - Lifestyle and struggles against the Turkish occupation" describes the life and action of the inhabitants of the village Anogia Mylopotamos, Crete, mainly during the 19th and early 20th century. These Cretan mountaineers, a special society of proud, brave and modest people, following with respect the unwritten laws formed over time by the wise elders (village heads), managed to achieve a high level of individual, family and social behavior. with heroism and consistency and to contribute decisively to the liberation of Crete and other enslaved areas of Greece. Today's people of Anogia, despite the negative effects of the climate of relaxation that unfortunately exists in our country, continue to maintain the ideals of their ancestors (pride, hospitality, ambition) and to support the essential values ​​of life.


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