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Andreas Ath. Giakoumakis was born in 1962 in Heraklion, Crete. He is a graduate of the Schools of Rizarei, the Higher Ecclesiastical School of Athens and the National Kapodistrian University of Athens
(Department of Theology). He is a graduate of the Athens Conservatory (Sp. Peristeris class) and a graduate of the Nikos Skalkotas Conservatory (Vas. Noni class). Between 1990-95 he served as a deputy music professor at the Music Schools of Pallini and Rethymno. In 1996, he was appointed as a permanent music teacher in public education, after a pan-Hellenic competition of the Ministry of Education and Culture, in which he came first. Today he serves as a member of the E.D.I.P. at the Patriarchal Supreme Ecclesiastical Academy of Crete. He has organized and directed a total of six choirs throughout Crete, with a repertoire of church members and traditional songs. He has participated with them in numerous artistic events, inside and outside Greece. He has been honored for this by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture with the title "Praiser of Peace". He has taken part in many musicological sessions as a lecturer and is distinguished for his research, composition, recording, writing and educational work. For his overall action, the Ecumenical Patriarch Mr. Bartholomew gave him the highest honor of granting him the office of Archon Master of the Holy Church of Christ the Great.

Tracks Chants Beginning of verse 1 Sounds Rhythms
1 A.1 "Come Christ to my mouth..." D hard 4/simos
2 A.3 "In one thousand eight hundred..." pl. A' 2/sign
3 A.10 "Sy Muses of all the greatest..." pl. B' and A' 6/mark
4 A.12 and A.13 "Nightingales, show me my lilies..." pl. B' 4/sign
5 A.14 "Man who used to..." A' 3/sign with 2/signs
6 A.17 "Glymides and Getim - Alice.." A' 3/simos
7 A.20 "From the top of Ides..." A' 2/sign
8 A.23 "Where there is reason and calculation..." A' 3/simos with 2/simos
9 A.34 "Three men are walking..." A 3/sign with 2/signs
10 A.40 “My God! and now they have the elements..." A' 3/sign with 2/signs
11 A.45 "May Messara save me..." A 3/sign with 2/signs
12 B.1 "Lion mounted..." pl. B΄ 6/sign
13 B.2 "Listen to what I say to you..." A' 6/simos
14 C.1 "A black bird is sitting..." A' 4/semos
15 C.2 "Let fire burn the Morea..." A' 2/simos
16 C.4 "Eis ta ekosiepta, ὦ Kῆται..." A΄ 7/simos
17 D.1 "They took the Castle of Moria..." A' 3/Syrtos sign
18 D.3 "In one thousand eight hundred and thirty..." Protovaris 4/simos

MUSICIANS: Damianos Vassilakis: Thiamboli, Mantoura, Percussion | Grigoris Giakoumakis: Lyra of Crete,
Political lyre, Cretan lyre | Thanos Giakoumakis: Cretan Lute | Alexandros Kanakakis: Flogera |
Manolis Kanakakis: Kanonaki | Michalis Kotis: Politiko Lute, Steriano Lute, Uti, Tambourine

SINGLES: Andreas Giakoumakis: Track 1 | Grigoris Giakoumakis: Track 17 | Thanos Giakoumakis: Track 14 |
Haroula Gryllou-Lenakaki: Track 15 | Giorgos Chahlakis: Track 10

DANCERS: Grigoris Giakoumakis, Thanos Giakoumakis, Manolis Kanakakis, Thanasis Karabatzias,
Father Michael Klonaris, Nikos Baltas, George Farsaris, George Chahlakis

SERMON: Giorgos Partsalakis: Tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

AUDIO: Michalis Mavrakis


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