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Vassilis Serbezis' digital album entitled "Sarakatsianika - volume 1" was released by the record company DIKTYO. The edition, which is the first of a five-volume series, includes an elegant 64-page volume in dimensions of 21 X 15.5 cm, which provides documented texts about the ethnic group of the Sarakatsians, information and comments on the specific musical idiom as well as 14 songs on the album. Democritus University Professor Vassilis Serbezis proves, with his specific work, the direct relationship of Sarakatsani song with the general Greek elementary school, presenting in writing and interpretation their parallel time course and, at the same time, emphasizing in the best way the peculiarity of the musical color. representing. The album features the musicians Vassilis Serbezis vocals, George Kotsinis clarinet, Costas Karapanos violin, Thomas Konstantinou and Thanasis Markopoulos lute and Costas Meretakis tambourine. The sound engineer was George Davarinos and Sotiris Papadopoulos, stentor studio, who also did the Remix - mastering. The creative curator was Christos Serbezis, designer creative forward Merano (I), the music curation and production performance is stamped by George Kotsinis while the research, artistic curation and production direction is by Vassilis Serbezis.


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