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The book was described as a primer of the Cretan diet, a thorough investigation of the Cretan countryside where the dietary habits of the Cretans and the recipes of the Cretan traditional cuisine recorded. Through 520 recipes revealed the tips of Cretan specificity and the Cretan nutritional miracle.

The book was released at first version in 1995 and reprinted many times. Now comes in a more modern, augmented and updated version.
The Cretan Diet is now causing the interest of the international scientific community because of investigations showed that in Crete the previous decades was extremely rare cardiovascular diseases and cancers.
The study of archaeological and historical data shows that the early 20th century Cretan diet minimally different from the habits of the people who lived on the island in earlier times, even in antiquity.
The authors of this book studied the historical evolution of the diet of Cretans studied the habits of people, everyday and festive foods. At the same time, they managed to gather from all areas of Crete a huge amount of information and recipes that show the character of the island kitchen and document the identity of the Cretan Diet.

Available in 5 languages: English, German, French, Nederlands, Russian.

**The Greek version has a different price because it is more complete, detailed and has a hardcover.**


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