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1. Christmas carols, Alexandros Papadakis

Music - Lyrics: Traditional

2. New Year's carols, Alexandros Papadakis

Music - Lyrics: Traditional

3. Carols Epiphany (Theophany), Alexandros Papadakis

Music - Lyrics: Traditional

4. Christmas (traditional), George Vrentzos (Katis)

5. New Year (traditional), George Vrentzos (Katis)

6. New Year's carol Achentrias Asteroussia N. Heraklion

Peter Saridakis: bulgari, lyra, singing, orchestration

Christos Tzelepopoulos: contra bass

Anthony Gerogiannis: Jeb, bendir, bells

Source: Alekos Katsaprakakis (Achentrias)

Recording- Programming: Marios Zarkos

7. The traditional carol, Adaptation: Dimitris Sgouros


Record Label Aerakis - Cretan Musical Workshop & Seistron
Categories Aerakis publications, Music
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