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CD 1

1. Syrta 5.32

a) My mother loves her (Music-Lyrics: Manolis Lagos, Ioannis Bernidakis (Baxevanis))

b) Agathos the Metochi (Music-Lyrics: Nikos & Giannis Xylouris)

c) Chaniotis Syrtos (Music: Traditional)

2. Erotokritos 4.33

Music adaptation: Nikos & Yiannis Xylouris

Lyrics: Vitsentzos Kornaros

3. Kontylies-Pentozal 7.40

Music-Lyrics: Traditional

4. Syrta 10.21

a) A New Wind (Music-Lyrics: Thanasis Skordalos)

b) Give me the right (Music-Lyrics: Thanasis Skordalos)

c) First Syrto (Music: Traditional)

d) Fights with jasmine (Music-Lyrics: Nikos & Yiannis Xylouris)

5. Kalamatiana 5.57

a) ah your loom (Music-Lyrics: Kostas Muntakis)

b) The dealer (Music-Lyrics: Kostas Mountakis)

6. Kentylis-Pentozal 3.23

Music-Lyrics: Traditional

7. Syrta 10.27

a) Only he loves (Music-Lyrics: Thanasis Skordalos)

b) Dreams Knit Secrets (Music-Lyrics: Thanasis Skordalos)

c) Pain Relief (Music-Lyrics: Thanasis Skordalos)

d) The world did not want to keep it (Music-Lyrics: Thanasis Skordalos)

e) Your lessons do not look like (Music-Lyrics: Thanasis Skordalos)

g) I have a place in the heart (Music-Lyrics: Thanasis Skordalos)

8. Maleviziotis dance (orchestral) 4.41

Music: Traditional

9. The first Syntos Chaniotikos (Dance of the bride) 8.56

Music-Lyrics: Traditional

10. Sousta 4.41

Music-Lyrics: Traditional

11. Xerostechnic water 2.59

Music-Lyrics: Charilaos Piperakis


CD 2

1. Syrta 6.47

a) I have been burning for the first time (Music-Lyrics: Traditional)

b) God gives it a gift (Music: Traditional, verse: Manolis Kalomiris (Lyonta)

2. Anogenic Conints-Pentozal 9.10

Music-Lyrics: Traditional

3. Syrta 7.05

a) Samaria the passage (Music-Lyrics: Thanasis Skordalos)

b) I have a place in the heart (Music-Lyrics: Thanasis Skordalos)

c) World did not want to keep (Music-Lyrics: Thanasis Skordalos)

4. Mylopotamic kontylies 6.02

Music-Lyrics: Traditional

5. Syrta 8.44

a) Not for a brunette (Music: Charilaos Piperakis, Lyrics: Traditional)

b) I can not be a king (Chaniotis Syrtos - Music-Lyrics: Traditional)

c) I never despair (Music-Lyrics: Traditional)

6. Stationary cones - Pentozal 10.36

Music-Lyrics: Traditional

7. Syrta 10.04

a) Dreams Knit Secrets (Music-Lyrics: Thanasis Skordalos)

b) Do not Restrain Yourself (Music-Lyrics: Thanasis Skordalos)

c) I do not want to see you (Music-Lyrics: Thanasis Skordalos)

d) Stone will make my heart (Music-Lyrics: Thanasis Skordalos)

8. Tsamika 6.01

a) Etihad (Music-Lyrics: Traditional)

b) Papa Lambrou in the yard (Music-Lyrics: Traditional)

9. Kalamatiana 7.37

a) Mantili Kalamatiano (Music-Lyrics: Traditional)

b) I ordered the Nightingale (Music-Lyrics: Traditional)

c) You burned a neighbor (Music-Lyrics: Traditional)

d) Aigiotissa (Music-Lyrics: Traditional)

10. Kastrinos dance (orchestral) 3.36

Music: Traditional

The musicians played:

Stelios Vasilakis: Lyra - song

Giannis Xylouris (Psarogiannis): Lute

Yannis Zacharioudakis: Lute


The live recording took place in the center of "LAVYRINTHOS" in Peza, Iraklion in 1996 and is from the archive of Stelios Vassilakis.

Photos from the archive of Stelios Vassilakis

Audio editing, Master: Dagyantas Menelaos - Pearson Recording Studio

Creative: Maria Panagiotaki


Record Label Aerakis - Cretan Musical Workshop & Seistron
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Subcategories Cretan music, Live recordings
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