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I am listening to Nikos in these unreleased recordings…

The same feeling of surprise, of revelation as then-almost half a century ago-when I first listened to him singing Risitika. I didn’t know then why I wanted him and only him-Xylouris-to perform my songs.

I ,still, don’t know now. I can only feel, as then, a sacred ritual penetrating my body from top to bottom. The distant past and future of Apollo dancing the Dionyssos of my present to the sound and music of rebellious  Crete expressed in the Greek language…this is the sacred wish, the secret order my archangelic Friend delivered to me… I said I am such a lucky man..

I ve been composing songs since childhood. I wished nobody to perform them. Then I happened to listen to Risitika. It was such a revelation to me!!My first big music revelation! A whole new world just opened up and this sound set me free..” I want only this voice for my songs, Dad”, I said. “ It’s difficult to reach Xylouris”, my father replied.. Yet, we managed to reach him!!He came home. He had a seat in the armchair, crossed his legs, had  some hot Greek coffee and smoked lustfully a cigarette. I taught him “ IBalladatoukyr-Mentiou’ and “ Oi ponoi tis Panagias” this very day.” We re going to do this recording, Lucas”, he said as I remember..

Time has gone by, and here I am sitting in the same armchair, writing kind of someone else’s “ memoire”, as if it wasn’t really me with Nikos but a young child defying even death. Myself and Xylouris like a dream in someone else’s sleep not mine. Nikos Xylouris and me , imagine, singing together on Utopia’s stairs about the Chimera of this world, some Greek poems by Palamas, Varnalis, Karyotakis..

I sent him a letter a while ago, I think.

To Nikos Xylouris

   A’Cemetery , Greece

  ……what can we do Nikos ?why so much bloodshed?where are we heading to? What is a battle?..I wrote him.

Yesterday, while listening to these unreleased common moments, I finally received his reply!

…..hush, speak no more , Lucas.Warriors never ask.

                     Deeply honored,

                     Lucas Thanos


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