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‘There are few significant reference points in a person’s course of life. As such , I value these four compositions performed in this CD recording.”

With these words Ioannis Andronoglou introduces his second CD recording entitled: Ioannis Andronoglou PERFORMS Domeniconi, Dyens, Yilmaz, in the preface of the liner notes.

The compositions included in this CD have been either performed by the guitarist in some pivotal concerts of his or premiered in Greece.

One of the primary criteria for both the guitarist and our company to select these music works was the strong connection between them and the musical tradition of the East Mediterranean region.

The CD cover was designed ,exclusively for this CD, by Nikolaos Tamoutselis.

“ If you build it, they will come….Especially great players like Ioannis for whom what seems difficult is not” said Mark Depliora, guitar teacher, The Julliard School, New York, 22-07-2023

“ Ioannis Andronoglou, greek guitarist and composer, has given another recital. Sometimes people complain about guitar recitals being monotonous. This is not the case. Andronoglou is a flashy, powerful and passionate player and he takes chances”. Richard Long, Soundboard magazine, 2012

Our company, Aerakis Cretan Music Workshop & Seistron” specializing in the traditional music of Crete along with other kinds of modal music is honored to announce the new CD release of Ioannis Andronoglou entitled: Ioannis Andronoglou PERFORMS Domeniconi, Dyens, Yilmaz

Ioannis Andronoglou -guitarist, holder of PH.D in Musicology ( National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece), teaching fellow at the University of West Macedonia-has long been collaborating with our company both as an artist and a book author.





Carlo Domeniconi

1. Variations on an Anatolian Folk Song 8:19

Roland Dyens

2. Sogne Capricorne 5:13

Serkan Yilmaz

3. Desert Tale 11:45

Carlo Domeniconi

4. Koyunbaba: Suite for Guitar (op. 19) 13:15


Ioannis Andronoglou: Guitar
Recording, mixing, mastering: Mavrakissound
Cover painting by Nikolaos Tamoutselis
Graphic design: Andreas Aerakis
Special acknowledgement to Marilena Giannaki
for the English adaptation
Photo of Ioannis Andronoglou by Sofia Leonidou

Aerakis - Seistron © 2023


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