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1. Colors 3:57 Music-lyrics: Haris Fasoulas

2. He loved the cross 3:21 Music: Vassilis Xylouris Lyrics: Haris Fasoulas

3. Anogia 3:54 Music: Haris Fassoulas Lyrics: Lefteris Berkis

4. The daughter of heaven 4:47 Music: Haris Fassoulas Lyrics: Lefteris Berkis

5. Woman dream 5:18 Music: Haris Fassoulas Lyrics: Lefteris Kalomiris (Delikanis)

6. Mother 5:52 Music-lyrics: Haris Fasoulas

7. Second birth 5:01 Music: Haris Fassoulas Lyrics: George Doulgerakis

8. The heartbeat 4:55 Music: Haris Fassoulas Lyrics: Stavros Tzanis

9. The itinerary of the mountain 6:31 Music: Traditional Lyrics: Haris Fasoulas

10. The peak 7:51 Music: Traditional Lyrics: a) traditional, b) Lefteris Berkis, c) Giorgis Berkis (Katsougris), d,e) Lefteris Kalomiris (Delikanis) f) Aristides Hairetis (Gialftis) g) Giorgis Berkis (Katsougris), h) Stavros Vitoros (Agoutsakas) i) Giannis Vitoros (Kennedy) j) Giannis Aerakis (Pologiannis) k) Giorgis Berkis (Katsougris), l,m) Giorgos Koutantos t. Agis. n) Aristides Hairetis (Gialaftis)

11. The stalia 6:02 Music: George Dayantas Lyrics: Kostas Manouras (Prosfyris)

12. Unspoken Water 5:46 Music-lyrics: Haris Fasoulas

13. The scene I dreamed of 4:51 Music-lyrics: Haris Fasoulas. Yannis Lisgaris

14. On the shores of sleep 3:16 Music: Traditional Karpathos


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