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The book contains 20 mostly appreciated traditional melodies, arranged for Keyboard and Guitar. The basic elements of these arranges are:
a)Adoption of an unadorned version of the melody,
b)Usage of conventional three tone chords and radical restriction of the harmonic movement, since rich harmony is strange to the traditional expression,
c)In the second staff is registered the rhythmic configuration of the accompaniment, since the harmonic configuration of the accompaniment is the most suitable to the traditional expression.
The book also contains information concerning the melodies scale and harmony.

Songs list

1) S' agapw giati eisai wraia
2) Exe geia Panagia
3) Gianni mou to mantili sou
4) Tzivaeri
5) Milo mou kokkino
6) Giati den mas to les
7) Pera stous pera kampous
8) Pergamos
9) Mes tou Aigaiou ta nisia
10) Den se thelw pia
11) Armenaki
12) Thalassaki
13) O Amarantos
14) Agrimia kai agrimakia mou
15) Sto eipa kai sto ksanalew
16) Syre na fereis to giatro
17) Ta paidia tis geitonias sou
18) Nanoyrisma
19) Laloyn t' aidonia
20) Mantili Kalamatiano


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