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As David Holton says the "Erotokritos" is a novel, a love story with many threads intertwined in case contributing to the creation of rich and diverse canvas. The "Erotokritos" is the beauty of the story with the knowledge of life. The beauty of the nature of things and emotions. As says Stylianos Alexiou triple ideal of the intrepidity, beauty and wisdom. Sends an optimistic message of humanity release rates depending on the seasons and circumstances can be seen from different sides. Considered as one of the greatest creations of the Renaissance throughout Europe.


1 Cycle shooting

2. logismoi'nai Saito

3 The words have thanks

4 A thousand eyes anyway calculus

5 Love doxefge

6 Love Anyfantis

7 And tonight n'arravoniasto

8 emastorefe Lust and love arminefge

9 Who in the world efanike and love does not hold?

10 Separation

11 Your words Rotokrite

12 Istrapse evrontixe the sunrise and the sunset

13 Mistress and good Kera

14 Oh radicular messy

15 The Virtue Prison and the return of 'Rotokritou

16. flakiasmeni

17 Always mind anezita, only little hope

18 chariots agitation

19. tale Rotokritou

20 By your life I life

21. pain dizziness

22 The rose and handsome Athos genatai mesh t'agkathi

23 The poet

24 People spree


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