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1. Inta hete gyrou gyrou (Rizitko from Chania region) 3.31

Music-Lyrics: Traditional

2. Syrtos tou Koroni (O meraklis o anthropos) - Koroni's syrtos dance 4.58

Music: Antonis Martsakis, Lyrics: Theofilos Christoulakis

3. Tou vasilia ta rouha (King's clothes) 4.16

Music: Antonis Martsakis

Lyrics: a) Unknown, β) Giannis Martsakis

4. Mikri mou lemonia mou (My little lemon tree) 6.09

Music: a, b) Skiniotikes kontylies or Manas, c) I Hatziantonakis or Foradaris

Lyrics: a) Theodoros Riginiotis b,c,d, l) Traditional

e, g) Antonis Martsakis - Giannis Simantiris f, h, i,k) Giannis Vardas

5. Syrtos Eliotikos (Syrtos dance from Elos region) 4.57

Music: Antonis Martsakis

Lyrics: a) Vaggelis Taxideftis b) Charalabos Pitropakis

6. Galazios ouranos (Blue sky) 4.50

Music: Antonis Martsakis

Lyrics: a) Giannis Xydianos,  b) Theofilos Christoulakis, c) Traditional

7. Na mou mileis sts'agales sou (Talk me when you have me in your hug) 5.02

Music: Antonis Martsakis, Lyrics: Zacharias Papadakis

8. To rodo (Rose) 4.37

Music-Lyrics: Traditional

9. O protos Lousakianos (First Lousakianos dance) 4.47

Music: Stefanos Triantafyllakis or Kioros

Lyrics: a) Unknown, b) Theofilos Christoulakis

10. To taximo 6.00

Music: Kontylies from Baxes (Traditional)

Lyrics: Spyros Panigirakis

11. I korfi (The top of the mountain) 4.45

Music: Antonis Martsakis, Lyrics: Vaggelis Taxideftis

12. Opses arga epernouna (Rizitiko-Syrtos) 6.41

a) Music - Lyrics : Traditional (Rizitiko from Chania)

b) Music: Tilifianos syrtos, lyrics: Traditional


Record Label Musical Editions Seistron
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