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1. Flame of flame
Lyrics: a) Despina Spantidaki, b) Manolis Kritikopoulos
Music: A. & M. Charitakis
2. Hearts are not healed
Lyrics: a) Manolis Kalomiris (Liontas), b) Antonis Charitakis
Music: A. & M. Charitakis
3. Damn your lessons
Lyrics: a) Giannis Aerakis (Pologiannis), b) Antonis Charitakis
Music: A. & M. Charitakis
4. Wake up a friend's face
Lyrics: α, β, γ, ε, f, ζ, η) Manolis Kritikopoulos, d) Yannis Niotas
Music: A. & M. Charitakis
5. Hatzis
Lyrics: a) Despina Spantidaki, b) Manolis Kretikopoulos
Music: A. & M. Charitakis
6. Your humiliation
Lyrics: Antonis Charitakis
Music: 1st part: traditional, 2nd part: A. & M. Charitakis
7. Your night color I wear
Lyrics: Yannis Aerakis (Pologiannis)
Music: A. & M. Charitakis
8. Pomegranate
Lyrics: Antonis Charitakis
Music: A. & M. Charitakis
9. Like the curly basil
Lyrics: Yiannis Saloustros (Kechris)
Music: A. & M. Charitakis
10. The village of love
Lyrics: Despina Spandidaki
Music: A. & M. Charitakis

The musicians played:

Manolis Charitakis: Lyra, lyrics, song
Antonis Charitakis: Mandolin, song
Nikos Stratakis: Cretan lute, island lute, tzouras,
Twelve-stringed guitar, mandolin, percussion, bass, whistle
Kostas Markakis: Guitars
George Saloustros (Kechris): Inspired

Orchestration: Nikos Stratakis

Sound recording - Sound mixing - Mastering: Studio Astra - Kostas Markakis
Photography: Michalis Kosmadakis


Record Label Aerakis - Cretan Musical Workshop & Seistron
Categories Aerakis publications, Music
Subcategories Cd's, Cretan music
Music type Attribute2411
Availability In stock
Type Cd's
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