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The songwriter - poet - writer Anna Bithikotsi and composer Kostas Nikolopoulos trust the voice of Basil Barnes to be the main performer of the new project , with the broad " LOVE slow to RTHI "

Circle lyrical songs the breath touches the eternal human love and the gate of all wonders , critical issues in search space of artistic and original folk song .

The musical setting of Kostas Nikolopoulos moving in the familiar quality of style , coming to join the deep meanings of life through the lyrics of Anna Bithikotsi .

The project which consists of eleven songs , is the third album of the important artistic performer Basil Barnes known by his performance in Smoked pot composer Christos Leontis poetry by Yannis Ritsos Xylouri next to Nick and Tanya Tsanaklidou . In this creative environment , the sounds of natural instruments through imaginative orchestrations give stigma. In the style and originality of the project Anna Bithikotsi through song titles Notes :

"Now AEI WILL love you ," like " BALLAD OF LOVE " for putting you " PLEDGE " MENEXEDENIA sunsets , sunrises from the look you .. In the " PIRATE journey" of your life like a koursemeno ship , the moments monologue : " This is no SATURDAY " Greece is not here , I will exist to love you ... When you are " PARANOMOMOI ROADS " will ask your steps and that the word I will admit : " sorry ," I in spite of the times and cries will suffuse your hand together to dance ' FROM GREECE tO ZEIBEKIKO " pointing to our fate with all the power of our voice " NO ZITAS my SORRY " ... Bizontas front of her eyes deep into the soil of " SEPARATION tHE KNIVES " the biggest and the best love us and sent us marked ... until you say again with a heart and a soul " lOVE SLOW he comes " ... but it ...

* Participates in prose Anna BITHIKOTSI

* In verse on the song "Is not this Saturday ," the poet - writer : GEORGE DRYMONIATIS

* The cover painted by artist Evangelia Chatzidaki (Vago)


Record Label Musical Editions Seistron
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