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Stavros Vitoros, when he decided to identify himself, chose the word but more the meaning "Agoutsakas". He baptized himself and his newspaper, with the name of the inaccessible and inhospitable bush, stating from the beginning his intentions: I will anchor you. The newspaper "Agoutsakas", perhaps the most primitive edition of the modern world, became for years, the thorny vignette of Anogia. Stavros, sometimes through her, even wronged himself, succumbing to the temptation of bitter bile, tired of his difficult, painful and lonely life. However, with this book, which could hardly be done without the persistent love of Stavros Tzanis, we are fortunate to see a book bound, a poetic autobiography that we could not even imagine. And somewhere in there, at the time of reading, a surprise awaits us after the surprise, because we could not feel earlier, the authentic poetic heart of this awkward giant. Stavros Vitoros lives on a margin that all of us would not be able to bear even for a few minutes. On this cliff, where all the stones bleed melancholy, instead of wrapping up misery and withering, he writes incessantly about the small events that pass in front of him and the great burdens that drag. From this end of his life, which gives him, in addition to pain, a bank of emotions, as an authentic poet of the Anogia school and an old worker of lifting heavy weights, he transforms them into great art.

Vasilis N. Dramountanis



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