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They said about the book.

He seeks the answers to the eternal search for the path of life that stumbles between good and evil, the musts and the wants, the passion and the duty, the lust and the virtue. The language of "Seitan", a genuine Cretan dialect, captures a lively, authentic lullaby which, although written, gives the reader the feeling that he hears it sounding loudly in his ears. almost epic, using a technique of iconography similar to that found in Homeric epics.

Marina Tzakosta

Professor of Language Development and Pedagogics of the Preschool Child

University of Crete Faculty of Education Department of Preschool Education University Campus - Gallos.


So from the Persians of Aeschylus to Seitan of Tzanis was a long road, full of adventures, full of knowledge. Stavros Tzanis, however, was not afraid of Laistrigonas and the Cyclops, he did not meet the wild Poseidon, because his orgiastic rhythmic and lexical frenzy did not give space in his soul to carry them, because reading him, I feel that Tzanis had to write them the lyrics, even with his blood, in a poetic drama, like an eternal return, who named her SEITANIS.

Loukas Thanos.

Music composer, choreographer - director


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