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The roots of Cretan musical tradition lost in the mists of time. Through wars , conquerors and natural disasters , the musical tradition of the island became a worldwide musical and crossroads of peoples , a place where the cultures of the West and the East . This evolution of the Cretan musical tradition in space and time we will try to investigate and record so that the reader has in his hands a piece of work with all the elements of the tradition of the island , as they were created and evolved through the centuries Contents Introduction

Chapter One . Historical sources and method of study of the Cretan musical tradition

Chapter Two . Anthropological and choreological study of Cretan Dance

Chapter Three . Foundations and influences of Cretan music Fourth chapter . Periods of development of the Cretan musical tradition

Fifth Chapter. The effect of the music industry and SMEs in Cretan music and dance

Sixth Chapter. The identity of the traditional Cretan dance

Seventh Chapter. Sousta.O global audience dancing gait

Eighth Chapter. The current form of DANCES

Ninth Chapter. Current trends in the TV Cretan tradition

Tenth Chapter. The Cretan folk dance floor nowadays

Eleventh Chapter. The Cretan song

Twelfth Chapter. The role of cultural associations Epilogue


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