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Εrotic novel written in the early IZ century by Vincenzos Cornaros , who was a member Venetokritikis family. The work was first printed in 1713 in Venice and became the most popular reading of the Greek people. Especially in his native Crete poet , his work Cornarou received widespread and were few who had not read and many of those who knew many passages out of the project. And many shepherds sang out from the bulk of the poem . The poem Cornaro is a charming composition ideas , pictures, and a purist and vigorous style and lyrics , is regarded as one of the greatest creations of the Renaissance throughout Europe. Erotokritos combines the magic of a fairy tale with the knowledge of life.

In this category we collected for you cd containing only " Erotokritos " given in various executions. For those who are enchanted when traveling in fairy tales ...