The Historical Music Association "Apollon" and "Aerakis" publications invite you on Saturday 29/10 at 19:00 at the cafe "Marina", for the presentation of the CD entitled: "The works for piano" by Rika Deligiannaki, of the important Heraklion composer and music educator of our country. Rika Deligiannaki, who was born and lives in Heraklion, Crete, dedicated a large part of her career to teaching young music students and was for many years the "soul" of the Heraklion Conservatory of the "Apollo" Music Association. He has composed many songs for children and adults, but also a large number of short pieces for piano with original titles, which are characterized by a particularly inventive combination of both our folk tradition and the European avant-garde. Three of her children's songs and a cycle of seven songs for children have been awarded in pan-Hellenic competitions. Her published piano works are the Four Collections of Piano Pieces: The Glass Pomegranate, The White Staircase, Route 1-24, Piano Easy. These works are dedicated to her 4 students, who also perform them in the recording. Their original aim is educational, but they go far beyond that, as they are imaginative, intelligent, interesting and beautiful pieces, which have nurtured and inspired entire generations of her students. These works are being recorded for the first time and performed by the very students to whom Rika dedicated them. Performed by the pianists: Kostas Kanakakis, Flora Tzanetakis, Dimitris Karydis, Lily Daka, as a sign of honor and gratitude to their beloved teacher Rikas Deligiannakis.

Speakers: Giorgos Kaloutsis (Musician), Mary Markopoulou (Music teacher, Conductor), Lily Daka (Piano teacher, at the Music School of Heraklion), Flora Tzanetaki (Piano teacher, in England), Dimitris Karydis (pianist).

Coordinator: Ioanna Giannari (President of the Apollo Music Association)

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